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Returns & Exchanges

All US customers receive a USPS Priority label enclosed in your return authorization email. There is a copy of the label enclosed in your required return authorization email. If you choose to use our USPS prepaid return we will deduct $4.95 from your refund. Frumur offers Free Exchanges - If you are returning the item for store credit. There will be no fee for use of the shipping label. At this time, our international customers are responsible for the shipping fees back to Frumur. If you are outside the US or you want to use your own shipping method at your expense. We strongly recommend adding delivery and / or signature confirmation.

Can I return only a portion of an item set?

No, all items must be returned as a complete set (just as they were purchased) in the original unworn condition and original packaging.

When will I receive my Refund?

Banks are quick to take our money, slow to give it back. If you selected refund, we will credit your payment method when your return is processed. You will be notified by email when we complete the process. Your financial institution should refund your account in 2-5 business days.

How will I know Frumur received my return?

Frumur will email you when your return has been processed. The email is sent to the email address on the order.

I received the wrong item.

Please contact Frumur Customer Care ASAP with the product name and item number of what you did not receive. And if you can locate the product on the packaging of what you did receive. The Frumur Customer Care team will take care of this for your right away.

My order is missing an item?

Please check your order confirmation and packing slip to verify the product was on your order. Remember shoes always ship separately once business days later. Make sure you did no select a pre order item. If the item is listed on your packing slip, please contact our Customer Care team with your order number and the missing item's name and item number. We will be happy to resolve this issue ASAP.

My product is defective?

Please contact Frumur Customer Care ASAP with your order number, defective product item number, and a description of the defect. Our team will make arrangements for an easy resolution for you.

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